Infrastructure and methods


  • Nutrient and organic carbon determination in water and sediments, including sediment and soil extractions
  • DOM spectroscopic analyses (absorbance, fluorescence)
  • Phytoplankton and benthic algae identification
  • Pulse-amplitude-modulation fluorometry (e.g. PHYTO-PAM)
  • Environmental DNA (eDNA) and genetic sampling
  • Fish sampling (electrofishing, bottom trawl, longline)
  • Various catchment, floodplain, and stream models for connectivity, trophic states, matter retention, and habitat availability
  • Assessments of ecosystem functions, services, and multi-functionality of rivers and floodplains

Field analytical instruments

  • LI-COR infrared gas analyser
  • Danubius field observatories

Laboratory analytical instruments

  • DOM analyzer

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